14.11 – International Dog Show in Poznań – Poland Winner

We spent last Sunday at the International Dog Show in Poznań, where we presented as many as four of our dogs and the results of which exceeded our expectations.

YOUR HAPPINESS z Koloseum – Karmel got excellent note, 1st place in the competition of 4 males in the class, Junior Winner title and this same he fulfilled all the conditions for Polish Junior Champion, he also became Polish Junior Winner 2021.

Novatica BLACK VALENTINE FOR KOLOSEUM – it was the second show for Walentynka in the junior class. This time she got excellent note with 4th place out of 6 females in the class.

BLUE BREEZE z Koloseum – Briś is already a seasoned veteran, and this time she got excellent note, 1st place out of 2 females, received the title of Polish Veteran Winner 2021 and became Best Veteran in Breed.

BRIGHT BELLISSA z Koloseum – Bella once again was presented in the junior class, receiving an excellent note, the title of Junior Winner and Polish Junior Winner 2021, she also became Best Junior in Breed.

Judges: Mr. Tadeusz Chwalny (PL) and Mrs. Ina Małecka (PL).