04.09 – Sighthound Club Show in Świebodzice (PL)

Another show and more successes of our italian greyhounds!

YOUR HAPPINESS z Koloseum – Karmel once again received a very promising note, 1st place out of 2 dogs entered in the class, the title of Best Puppy in Breed, and at the finals he was chosen as III Best in Show Puppy.

Karmel’s description:

Compact body, beautiful head with a gentle expression, scissor bite, small and well set ears, elegant and proudly carried neck, perfect topline, chest during development, limbs very well angulated, with parallel action and a long step in movement.

Novatica BLACK VALENTINE FOR KOLOSEUM – Walentynka got very promising note and unofficial title BOS Puppy – Best of Opposite Sex Puppy.

Walentynka’s description:

Very elegant, graceful, beautiful head, dark eyes, scissor bite, well-defined jaw, perfectly set ears, elegant neck, upper and lower lines are liquid, perfectly outlining the body, correct angulation of the limbs, very well tied fingers, harmonious movement with a good step and parallel legs.

BLUE BREEZE z Koloseum – Briś was definitely the hero of that day. She received an excellent note, the title of Veteran Winner, Veteran Club Winner 2021, Best Veteran in Breed, and for dessert she became Best in Show Veteran.

Breeze’s description:

Female in excellent condition, with a very well shaped body, elegant head, scissor bite, dark eyes with a gentle expression, perfect ears, elegant neck, tied back with a slight curve on the rump, wide and deep chest, harmonious movement full of energy.

Judge: Mrs. Hanna Woźna-Gil (PL).