Welcome at website of “Z Koloseum” kennel.

We have always been dog lovers, since the early childhood each of us was accompanied by this unique quadruped. It could not be different in our adult, joint life. In search for a perfectly fitting us dog and having some idea of breeds, we went to a nearby dog show in Leszno. There for the first time we saw Italian Sighthounds. Also there we fell in love with those incredible dogs. Then after learning sufficient knowledge of sighthounds, we decided it was the perfect breed for us. And that is how in 2009 the first Italian Sighthound – Owacja came to our home. She made us certain we made the best choice, she became the foundation female of our kennel and thanks to her we began to fulfil our dream about breeding of pedigree dogs.

Today, we can proudly present you our kennel, where dogs are a part of our family, where our life is subordinated to dogs and where we receive something priceless – their unconditional love. Our dogs are provided with as much warmth and attention as possible, we try to meet their mobility needs, by taking to walks and hiking which they love. They accompany us in every day life – while cleaning, cooking, watching TV, entertaining guests, or visiting friends and family. These are our most loyal companions.

We participate in dog shows with our dogs. It is an amazing opportunity to present our breeding work, meet new interesting people and spend nice time. For our dogs it is a great fun, some of them can hardly wait for another trip, when they see us getting ready and packing.

At one of those shows we had the opportunity to meet the first in Poland (back then) English Toy Terrier – a very open and friendly female. The thought of this breed have accompanied us for almost two years. During this time we tried to learn as much as possible about this breed and contact with some of it’s breeders. Finally, one day we decided it was that time – a time for another family member. That is how in mid 2015 Essi came to us, from a Norwegian kennel – our first English Toy Terrier.

Breeding dogs is our passion. All of our dogs are under constant veterinary supervision, all matings are carefully planned and thought out, we put our whole hearts in educating puppies.

We breed dogs only with a pedigree, which is a document confirming the origin of the dog. It gives a guarantee, that the puppy will grow into a good representative of this breed. We are a member of the Polish Kennel Club and the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

We wish you a nicely spent time in our virtual home.

Best wishes,

Kasia and Miłosz